9 Volt Vapes

9-Volt Vapes was born out of Head Candy the revolutionary sweet which changes flavour and feels like electricity dancing in your mouth. When we started selling Head Candy to vapers, apart from selling Head Candy as a revolutionary cure for vapers tongue, one of the consistent reactions we also got was ”you have to put this into an e-liquid!". Now we finally have.

Ever imagine the taste of your e-liquids could have a physical dimension? That is what 9-Volt Vapes has achieved. A gentle buzzing, tingling sensation in your mouth, will accompany every one of our e-liquids. This is both curious and, has a dramatic impact on your experience of taste, as this physical dimension brings a new level of enjoyment to both familiar and unexpected flavours.

So if you’re looking to experience flavours which are both familiar but never thought of before. It’s time to dive into a whole new world of taste with 9-Volt Vapes.

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