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My Story:

I was a heavy smoker for well over 20 years, I have tried to quit numerous times using hypnosis, nicotine inhalators, pure will power, patches and lozenges but failed at every attempt.

My main issue was that I actually enjoyed smoking so I whichever method I used, I always felt like I was missing out on 'The Smoking experience' and would soon return to cigarettes. Weight gain was another issue for me, without the smoking I would eat to excess to try and suppress cravings, and of course, health issues- as a 40 a day smoker I would continue to smoke through chest infections and colds as an addict continually trying to get my nicotine fix.

The day I switched to vaping, I was still smoking in the morning (I still have the 50g of tobacco I bought that morning).

My eGo-T kit was a gift from a close friend, who said "I am going to save your life". I did not think vaping would work for me in the slightest but he was adamant that he would do this for me and insisted on paying - I can not thank him enough. Since that day, I have not craved a single cigarette as I can still get my nicotine but without the side effects of smoking cigarettes.

Since I started vaping my smokers cough has gone, general health has improved dramatically, food and drink tastes better but I do not eat to suppress cravings as there are none. Fitness has also improved and I now cycle 14 miles a day to work and back and I don't suffer the shortness of breath, as I did when I was smoking. I don't have yellow fingers or smell of smoke, I can vape inside the house, work and the car without the odour of tobacco or risking other people's health with passive smoking, all this without the feeling of missing out on the smoking experience.

I can seriously say that I have a passion for vaping and by my own experiences can provide you with all the help that you need.
So much so that we have invested lots of time in selecting all you need to get you going ,
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Vapour Generation Bristol&UK.

I truly believe that cigarettes/tobacco is soon to be a thing of the past and vaping is the future.